Princess Academy and Palace of Stone by Shannon Hale



Princess Academy

                High on Mount Eskel, a territory of the kingdom of Danland, fourteen-year-old Miri dreams of being special. She knows she was special to her mother, who clutched Miri tight in her arms as a newborn babe before she died when Miri was only a week old. But her father absolutely forbids Miri to work in the quarry, the main trade for their village on Mount Eskel. Almost everyone Miri knew worked in the quarry, including her older sister Marda. Miri feels her father thinks her useless because of her tiny size and strives so hard to show him how useful she is. When the king declares that his prophets have discovered his son’s bride is to be found on Mount Eskel and that there will be a Princess Academy for all eligible girls, Miri is stunned to find herself sent away from her family with the other…

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