Life, The Universe and Everything – Douglas Adams

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{19B50448-A068-459F-B96B-2E2348617D33}Img100Life, The Universe and Everything by Douglas Adams

Genre: Science Fiction / Young Adult

After a series of events which have involved Arthur Dent being alternately blown up and insulted in more bizarre regions of the Galaxy that he has ever dreamt existed, he finds himself stranded on Prehistoric Earth. Luckily an amazing rescue by Ford Prefect and a time eddy, cleverly disguised as a sofa, lands them in the middle of Lords two days before the world is due to end. It’s just not cricket…

The third book in the Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy series and if you like the previous two books then you will certainly like this. We catch up with Arthur who has been living as a caveman on Earth for 5 years, just as he is thinking about turning mad – to keep himself amused. Together with Ford Prefect they meet up…

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