How I started The Apocalypse Book 2:The Hunger War

18719473Life wasn’t easy for Chaz. He died too young in a construction accident only to be brought back to life by the government as the world’s first smart zombie. The government decided that the experiment was a bad idea and destroyed the lab and tried to exterminate Chaz. Chaz escaped though and accidentally started the zombie apocalypse in New York City. Chaz didn’t ask for this to happen and he’s not sure how to stop it but Manhattan belongs to the zombies now.

Being a smart zombie has its advantages, the other zombies are now looking at Chaz as a leader and he may be the one to lead the zombies to a new way of life. Also a second smart zombie named Dolores has found Chaz and together the two will lead the zombies into battle against the humans in the Hunger Wars. Can two zombies in love lead a revolution and find a cure…

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