Book Review: Prince of Shadows




This week I read Prince of Shadows by Rachel Caine and thought I’d try out my first book review. I saw the book on Amazon and I was immediately drawn to the story. 

A unique retelling of Romeo and Juliet told from the point of view of Benvolio, who, at night, becomes the greatest thief in all of Verona, the Prince of Shadows. The feud between the Houses of Montague and Capulet is tense–and becoming worse. Although Prince Escalus has warned both Houses from fighting, past deaths and bad blood between Montagues and Capulets prevent them both from heeding the prince’s word. One night when Benvolio dares to steal from the House of Capulet, he notices the convent-bound Rosaline. Soon after, a curse is set into play that changes the lives of all around them. 

I have not read any of Rachel Caine’s other books, but, for me, this…

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