The Road So Far

I want so many things.
And I want God to give me those things.
And I want, and want, and want, and want…
And sometimes, it just doesn’t happen.
And I get so bitter.
Like, really bitter.
It starts to grow on me, and suddenly… It keeps me away from Him.
I feel pushed to let you know that the things I want are not material. Some of them are even natural things, some others are a little bit of a stretch of what my ‘definition of happiness’ would be, but all in all, they are good things.

And they don’t happen.

And I get bitter.
And I pretend like I am okay with it, and I keep going…
But the bitterness builds up.

And I get angry. And I explode. And I say so many things. Hurtful things. I close the door on You and I tell you that…

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