Review: Secondhand Stops-Katie St. Claire

Young Adult Book Madness

4/5 Stars

Second Hand Stops (Moon series, #1)-Katie St. Claire 

***I received this book as a gift from the author in exchange for an honest review



“Sorry, I didn’t mean to gross you out.”

“You didn’t, really. I guess it took me off guard more than anything. I mean, you are a virtual stranger. Nose licking shouldn’t happen until at least the third date.”


Maybe this is what real love is like. One minute you want nothing more than to wrap yourself in their arms, and the next minute you want to knock them upside the head with a blunt object.


Nestled in the sleepy town of Chipping Campden, England, Julia Malone has a destiny she never imagined. Forced to drink an unknown substance, her gifts begin morphing into something altogether extraordinary. A mysterious benefactor whisks her and five other orphans to New York City…

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