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In my opinion, JUST PLAIN WEIRD is an excellent read. It is a rollocking young adult novel filled with romance, humor, and many strange twists and turns. It is about love and destiny and the hazards of tinkering with alien technology.

The narrator of JUST PLAIN WEIRD, Travis McDuff, a fifteen-year-old wannabe football player, tells the story in a simple way, creating a narrative voice that is realistic and consistant with an actual teenager. This is a young adult novel that was clearly written for teenagers, and not, like many other young adult novels, meant to be shared with adults.

The story begins with Travis befriending Eliza, the reclusive girl who has just moved in next door to him. As he gets to know her, and starts to fall in love with her, he learns her strange secret: that she and her father, an archaeologist, possess an…

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