Throwback Thursday – Nancy Drew Case Files

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Okay, so loads of people love Nancy Drew. In fact, I’m sure there are still lots of little girls, and some boys, who pull out those old, hard bound editions from way back in the day. You know the ones I mean – with the yellow spines. But my throwback is to a series of Drew books that lived from the late 80s – mid 90s. The Nancy Drew Case Files.


Nancy is grown up and had gone away to college with her friends and her boyfriend. Slightly adult events occur. She’s off on her own. They were rad. Now that I look it up, they started in 86, so I was much younger than I thought when I started reading these. I remember impatiently waiting for the books to come out. They were a different Nancy, and I loved her.


I have never reread any of these – since…

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