Northern Lights by Philip Pullman (His Dark Materials #1)

Liv's Imaginarium

12699042Northern Lights to put it simply, is a lovely novel with interesting characters and a far more interesting world. From the minute I started reading I was drawn to this Steam punk-world with Christian influences.

Our hero is a young orphaned girl by the name of Lyra who was raised in Oxford by scholars. In short time we realize she is quite important to the fate of this world. That and other strange things, kidnapped children, Church mysteries, witches, armored bears, this thing called ‘dust’ and perhaps the most interesting thing of all: daemons.

I loved the concept of Daemons. Constant animal companions who are tied to each of the humans in the world. Basically they are the external self of a human being, their emotion, their soul. And before each human reaches puberty a daemon can change their shape whenever. But once they grow older they take a fixed shape.


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